Planet Comicon KC Wrap Up

The last weekend of March 2019, we had the pleasure of debuting The Ghosts Betwixt Preview Edition (Mission 1) to gamers at Planet Comicon Kansas City.

This wonderful group specifically visited the game room to try out our humble game. That was a special experience I’ll never forget.

During the weekend, we ran through Mission 1 about a dozen times with various people of all ages and interests. I was really excited to hear that nearly everyone who played TGB asked when they could buy a copy. I suppose that’s a good sign!

Indeed, it was incredibly fun seeing people’s reactions to the strategic combat, amazing art by Travis and Cole, and in-game story elements; however, what I’ll always remember is getting to know each of these people just a little bit for the hour we spent together. 

Tabletop Gaming is truly special in that it can bring people together who otherwise never would have communicated. It’s these moments that remind me why I love gaming, and why I love designing this game in particular. If you’re reading this right now, I truly hope one day I’m able to share a table with you as well.

So, that was Friday and Saturday! I will say, Sunday was pretty slow in the gaming area. But, the good news is I made huge progress on finishing the story. So, here’s a quick update: The story to The Ghosts Betwixt is about 90% complete. And as much as I love how the game plays and looks, I’m by far most proud of the story. I cannot wait for you to see all the crazy things that happen, and especially how it ends…

That’s a quick wrap up of my first official con. Up next: Geekway to the West in St. Louis

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