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Excuse us ma’am. Can we interest you in some information on “The Opening?”

March 2019 is shaping up to be the most exciting month in development of The Ghosts Betwixt. Here’s what is lined up:

  • Send final design files for Mission 1 to Print and Play Admagic
  • Receive “Preview Edition” of the game, which includes everything required to play Mission 1
  • Release Print and Play version of Preview Edition
  • Release Table Top Simulator version of Preview Edition
  • Send copies of Preview edition to board game YouTubers and bloggers
  • Demo The Ghosts Betwixt at Planet Comicon in Kansas City

And maybe most important, finalize the rest of the game! Quick update on that front: Story Missions 1-3 and the 3 side missions are designed and playtested. I’m happy to report, they’re a blast! We just have Story Mission 4-7 left and we are getting really close to calling it a wrap!

Download .zip file

Locate the Quickplay Guide (page 2) for instructions on how to set up your first game.

Thanks all for your support, and please don’t be a stranger!


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