10 Things You Need to Know about The Ghosts Betwixt

By Dustin Freund

1. What’s TGB’s theme?

Young Richie has been kidnapped – taken into a local farmhouse turned Halloween attraction “Worlds of Terror,” ran and inhabited by the Bennert family. Richie’s brother, sister, mother and father are en route, equipped with unimpressive weapons quickly gathered from their suburban 

home. They are shall the same feeling: It’s going to be a long night.

The Ghosts Betwixt is a cooperative dungeon crawler set in 1990s Midwestern suburbia, wrapped around a multi-layered mystery. Why Richie? What are the Bennerts up to? What does Worlds of Terror have to do with the kidnapping?

There’s only one way to find out…

2. How far into development is TGB?

TGB has been in development for over two years. The story, for much longer.

The rulebook, gameplay, equipment and monsters are about 90 percent complete. We’re currently in the playtesting phase to iron out rules, edge cases and scaling.

3. Did you say playtesting?

I did! If you’re interested in playtesting, we’d be interested in having you! TGB is currently live in Tabletop Simulator (on Steam). It includes everything required to play Mission 1. Email us at theghostsbetwixt@gmail.com if have any questions or would like us to walk through the game with you.

4. Who’s involved in TGB?

I’m lucky to be joined by some very talented and experienced people.

And I’m Dustin Freund, designer.

5. What’s the status of the art?

The monsters are complete. The map tiles are half complete. Card layout and iconography should be complete mid-to-late August. Rulebook and Mission Guide design is targeting an early Fall completion date.

6. What is the loot system like?

Like one you’ve never experienced in a tabletop dungeon crawler before. The weapons vary from slingshots, squirt guns, grilling spatulas and golf clubs. But that’s not why it’s exciting.

TGB’s loot improves steadily as the game proceeds. You see, players will be able to “unlock” equipment sets by spending certain resources. Those equipment sets (usually between 3-5 cards) are then shuffled into their respective decks, giving players the chance to draw one of the newly unlocked weapons.

We believe loot is the most important element of a dungeon crawler, so we’ve spent countless hours ensuring we get it right.

7. How’s this different from other dice chuckers?

For a dice-based dungeon crawler, it is quite strategic. Most importantly, it is fun.

Players must decide between several different actions in combat. For example, will you use a move action to flank a monster and increase your chance of doing additional damage? Or instead of a move action, will you use an offensive or defensive stance for a bonus die next round?

Furthermore, monsters target specific family members; however, their targets can instantly change. Players must plan several rounds ahead based on the monsters’ targets and the chance they could target another FM with an unlucky die roll.

8. What about character customization?

Each family member has a skill tree with two paths, each offering its own unique talents. For example, Joan (a nurse by trade) may focus on her Nurse of Health or Doctor of Pain talent paths. The former allows her to keep herself and her family on their feet, while the latter allows her to fill syringes with varying elemental and status effects.

Also, characters may become proficient in certain weapon types. Weapon proficiencies allow family members to reroll dice when using a weapon in which they are proficient.

9. What kind of environments should we expect to explore?

Worlds of Terror is a Halloween haunted house found within the basement of the Bennerts’ home. You’ll explore their farmhouse, basement, cornfields and perhaps even more of their property, as Worlds of Terror hasn’t been confined to just the basement, after all these years…

10. Kickstarter Date?

From Day 1, my personal goal was to have TGB 95 percent completed before asking for money.

We do not have an official Kickstarter date, but we are targeting Spring or Summer 2019, with a fulfillment date set as early as possible from the Kickstarter campaign.

What other questions do you have? Please share them below, ask us on Facebook/theghostsbetwixt or email us at theghostsbetwixt@gmail.com

Thanks so much for your interest!


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